We were fortunate to meet Sol and his colleague, Angela, with North Cyprus International. I highly recommend them both as they are very professional, very honest and are not pushy. They respond to emails very quickly and it has been a pleasure working with them. They definitely have my endorsement, and if you are looking to buy in northern Cyprus, consider contacting them.

Lisa from Dubai

The Dream Team!

Angela and Sol make great suggestions, check on whether properties seen on Rightmove are actually available, check if there are issues with the title deeds, they make sure there is no outstanding debts or bills on the property and give their general honest opinion as to what the property and location have to offer.

Together with Angela I sent over a mass of suggestions, all of which were checked into, and a full on itinerary was drawn up and suggestions for hotels, taxis and car hire came through.

Our inspection trip with Sol was a pleasure, we started off from our hotel travelling west, we saw a total of 4 before my partner and I decided this was to be the one! We quickly then and there concluded the deal with the owner who was present and then went off to the Solicitors to get the paperwork and Power of Attorney under way.

Then the remainder of the time was ours, to visit new places and to re-visit the property once more. We returned relaxed, happy and VERY excited.

Thank-you North Cyprus International Team

Katy and Josef V, UK/Israel

I wanted to thank you for your support and guidance through the purchase process. From the very first contact with NCI, through a live chat with Angela, I immediately felt that good things were going to happen.

Angela has an exquisite way of explaining things, providing different options based on practical needs, and a great sense of accountability when addressed for the most different questions and doubts I had about the purchase.

As for the inspection visit, I was positively impressed by the great professionalism of Sol how showed us the different properties pre-selected before the visit and he was extremely helpful, going the extra mile by helping out on some technicalities and being always responsive all along the purchase process even from so far away.

We have our holiday dream home, and we are very happy.

Thank you North Cyprus International!

Carmine Claudio Suriano

The personal touch extended by NCI makes a difference.


…good sound advice on a large selection of properties available to suit all tastes coupled with no pressure selling.

David M Barraclough, Milton Keynes

The NCI tour of various homes has given us a much better sense of how far a pound/dollar goes in the housing market here. We look forward to receiving more details about the properties we visited with you today. Thank you once again for your cordial approach, and the lovely conversation. We look forward to connecting with you again.

Elizabeth A, USA

I was extremely happy with my inspection trip. Everything was well organized and met my expectations.

Gulnara T, Saudi Arabia

We were very happy with the personal service which we received from all at NCI. Our viewing experience was tailored to include only suitable properties so we found a suitable property in just a few hours. We look forward to making it our second home.

Steve, Cyprus

I have no hesitation in recommending NCI to prospective customers who like me I am sure will be offered good sound advice on a large selection of properties available to suit all tastes coupled with no pressure selling.

David M Barraclough, Milton Keynes

Initial contact through to booking my inspection trip has been excellent. Thank you for providing information, even out of work time. I felt confident of booking an inspection trip with NCI since the staff made the process easy with good advice.

Alan B, UK

I had the opportunity of visiting Cyprus and liaising with NCI agents, Sol & Angela. Their level of honesty, experience and dedication was superb and there was no pressure to buy. They walked with me every step of the way and explained all the essential facts about buying. If you are serious about buying an overseas property, NCI should be your choice. You will be comfortable and at ease to know that you have a trusted partner that really cares and is not there just to make a sale.

Anis F. Chicago, USA

My inspection visit in North Cyprus through NCI was overwhelmingly positive. Within three days the service which I received was extremely more than satisfying; getting picked up from the airport, nice two bedroom accommodation in a brilliant location by the beach, they also took care of my travel throughout my stay. They were very informative and very knowledgeable about the island and it amazed me that they had direct contact with major developers throughout the island. Very friendly, kind and hospitable and finally, due to their collective effort I managed to purchase the dream property which I was hoping for in an excellent resort with all necessary facilities anyone can hope for. I wish them well in their efforts for assisting overseas investors in Northern Cyprus to purchase their dream property.

Roy Shirazi , UK

Of all the North Cyprus Estate Agents I contacted, you were the most helpful.

R. Charlton, UK

We want to thank Sol, Angela and all at NCI for all of your hard work, expert advice, and hand-holding that was given us throughout the process. It really has been a pleasure, and to have it all wrapped up in such a short amount of time is beyond our expectations.

Had we have taken on this journey by ourselves I am quite sure we would either be in limbo, unsure of how or whether to proceed or in turmoil trying to coordinate the whole venture by ourselves! Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

The priceless information and tailored viewing provided throughout the process effectively removed the pitfalls and apprehensions normally associated with this kind of venture and instead turned it into a string of pleasant surprises.

We gladly recommend NCI to anyone planning a similar adventure.

Keiron and Judith G, UK