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Time Travel in North Cyprus!


North-Cyprus-Time-TravelThey used to say that visiting North Cyprus was like going back in time. But cross the border from south to North Cyprus – and as from Sunday morning 30th October 2016 for the winter months only, you are now travelling forward in time. The reason is simple: mainland Turkey has this year ceased to turn back its clock in the autumn (now being 3 hours ahead of the UK) and as North Cyprus commercial, aviation and banking sector is linked to that in Turkey, the TRNC (Turkish Republic of North Cyprus) has had no choice but to follow suit. Whereas the European south has turned back its clock as usual, creating the one hour gap.

North Cyprus Now 3 Hours Ahead of UK

For visitors to Cyprus therefore, in the winter months (end of October until end of March), it will be important to know that if you are planning to cross the border, you must adjust your watch and move it forward by one hour. This should not be too much of a problem – but here are a few important tips to keep in time in Cyprus:

  • North-Cyprus-Ercan-AirportAre you landing at Larnaca Airport in the south (where you adjust your watch by 2 hours)? You must adjust by a further hour at the border.
  • Are you coming up to North Cyprus from the South, to catch a plane from Ercan Airport? You must allow an extra hour for check in!
  • Are you a resident of North or South Cyprus who lives and works or studies on different sides of the border? Then you will need to change your watch several times per day!

This situation will change at the end of March when the south of Cyprus will move its clock forward by one hour to summertime. So, from March to October (summer months), the North and South of the island will once more be reunited in the same time zone. Meanwhile, enjoy the fun driving back across the border and arriving back in south Cyprus before you leave the North.

Extended Fireworks: Celebrate New Years Eve Twice

North-Cyprus-LightsThere are not many cities in the world with two time zones in one city! Michigan is one such city and one or two other cities in the USA straddle different time zones. In order to make light of the new “time division” in Cyprus, some fun-loving Cypriots are already selling tickets to an extended New Year’s Eve Party for 2016 in the divided capital of Nicosia (named Lefkosa in the North, Lefkosia in the South). This will start with seeing in the New Year first in the northern side of Nicosia and then seeing it in in the south one hour later!

North Cyprus – Now Officially Ahead of Its Time

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