Can I hire a car from south to North Cyprus?

South Cyprus car insurance does not cover a car in the North and vice versa.  North Cyprus car hire companies offer taxi transfer for those arriving at Larnaca airport to take them to their North Cyprus hire car.  This is the best option for those travelling north from Larnaca.  If you wish to hire a car for use in both countries, you are advised to use a company such as Petsas Car Rentals at Larnaca or Paphos which includes comprehensive insurance for both sides.  With other south hire companies who do not issue this, you can purchase 3rd party only insurance only from the border crossing insurance offices at your own risk.  North Cyprus International can offer assistance with car hire bookings for those visiting to view a property.

Is North Cyprus safe to visit?

Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries. Nationals of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) are known as Turkish Cypriots. Conflicts in the middle east don’t affect TRNC. Still, we advise visitors to check their government suggestions. 

Is petrol and diesel cheaper in Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries. Nationals of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) are known as Turkish Cypriots. Conflicts in the middle east don’t affect TRNC. Still, we advise visitors to check their government suggestions. 

What country does Cyprus belong to?

Cyprus is an island divided into 2 countries in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and the Cyprus Republic.  It is the third-largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean, located south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel, north of Egypt.

Where can I cross the border from North to South Cyprus?

There are currently eight crossing points (correct as of August 2019).  Six are pedestrian and car, and two in Nicosia are only pedestrian.   From west to east: Yesilirmak (Limnitis) access to/from Polis & Paphos, Lefke, Bostanci (Astromeritis) to/from the Troodos mountains, Metehan (Agios Domitios) – the main car crossing in Nicosia, Ledra Palace (pedestrian crossing for officials), Ledra Street (public pedestrian crossing), Pyla (access to/from Larnaca Airport) and Famagusta (Strovilia) access to/from the south-east tip of Cyprus.  These crossings are generally not signed well or at all, and visitors are advised to get directions prior to travelling.  North Cyprus International (NCI) can assist with directions for those visiting to view a property.

Will my driving licence be accepted in Northern Cyprus?

If you are a visitor on a 90-day visitor North Cyprus visa, your full driving licence from your home country is accepted in North Cyprus and must be valid for the whole period of your stay.  You do not need an international driving licence.  If you become a resident, you need to apply for a local TRNC driving licence.  This is easy to apply for at the Lefkosa Driving Licences Office.  You will need a copy of your original licence, passport and two passport photographs and to pay a fee.  You will still need your original home licence to drive in south Cyprus where TRNC driving licences are not accepted.

Where is Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is a country in the north part of the island of Cyprus.  Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is approximately 40 miles (65 km) south of Turkey and 60 miles (104 km) east of Syria.

How big is Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus has an area of 1,295 sq miles (or 3,355 square kilometres) which is approximately a third of the island of Cyprus.  At its widest point, it is approximately 65 miles (104km) from east to west and approximately 32 miles (52 km) from the capital city Nicosia (Lefkosa) on its southern border to the main tourist hub of Kyrenia (Girne) on the north coast. 

How do I fly to Northern Cyprus?

If you wish to fly to Northern Cyprus you can choose to arrive either at Ercan (ECN) Airport directly in North Cyprus or at Larnaca (LCA) in the Republic of Cyprus and cross the border by road to the north of the country.  Passengers travelling to Ercan (ECN) currently need to transit in Turkey.  You can also fly to Paphos (PFO) but the driving time to North Cyprus from Paphos is longer than from Larnaca (LCA).

Why is Northern Cyprus called the TRNC?

TRNC stands for The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is the official name for North Cyprus.  The TRNC was founded on 15th November 1983, 9 years after the island was divided in 1974 following conflict between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots.  The creation of the TRNC has given the two communities their own countries and brought about peaceful co-existence since its creation.

Why is Cyprus divided?

Cyprus is divided into the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus or the TRNC.  Following the end of British colonial rule in 1960, Greece, Turkey and Britain were appointed to guarantee the safety of their newly independent populations.   However, a Greek terrorist organisation, EOKA, launched an unsuccessful coup attempt in order to unify the island with Greece. The British and eventually the Turkish army legally intervened to prevent further bloodshed.  The result was the division of the island which has brought about peace since 1974.  

Is North Cyprus in Europe?

North Cyprus (TRNC) is geographically considered to be part of Europe and its citizens, the Turkish Cypriots, enjoy the rights of European citizens.  The EU also funds projects in Northern Cyprus as part of its ongoing EU enlargement programme.  However, after the Greek Cypriots voted “no” to reunification in the Annan Plan whole island referendum of 2004,  Northern Cyprus has maintained an independent government, parliament and legal system which is not part of the European Union. 

Will south and north Cyprus be reunified?

The reunification of the two halves of Cyprus the stated aim of the United Nations and the European Union.  “The EU fully supports the current negotiations between the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities which aim to reach a comprehensive settlement leading to the reunification of the island … in which the communities would enjoy political equality”.  But the Greek Cypriots voted “No” to political equality in the 2004 referendum and since 2017 negotiations have broken down.  Permanent division, or the entry into the EU of North Cyprus as a separate state, or alongside its main sponsor, Turkey, are other possible future scenarios as North Cyprus enjoys increasing recognition internationally.

Is North Cyprus part of Turkey?

Although many believe that North Cyprus is a part of Turkey, this is not actually the case.  The Republic of Turkish Northern Cyprus (TRNC) enjoys its own parliament, laws and institutions and citizens of Turkey cannot automatically become resident in North Cyprus.  However, Turkey is the main sponsor of the TRNC and has historically provided financial support for infrastructure investments, defence expenses, incentives and private sector support.  The fact that the language, many banks and currency of North Cyprus are all from mainland turkey, gives a visitor the impression that North Cyprus is part of Turkey.

What is North Cyprus Time?

Time in Cyprus is in the Eastern European Time Zone. Cyprus local time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2). 
Like most countries in Europe, daylight saving time is in practice in Cyprus. Clocks change in the spring and in the Autumn, the same as in Britain.

What is North Cyprus International Dialing Code?

The international dialling code for North Cyprus is (0090) 392 when calling landlines from abroad.  And (0090) 533 – 542 – 548 for a mobile number depending on your mobile phone company. Please remember to take off the first zero of the telephone number if dialling the code.