About North Cyprus

Can I take a hire car from south to Northern Cyprus?

South Cyprus car insurance does not cover a car in the North and vice versa.  North Cyprus car hire companies offer taxi transfer for those arriving at Larnaca airport to take them to their North Cyprus hire car.  This is the best option for those travelling north from Larnaca.  If you wish to hire a car for use in both countries, you are advised to use a company such as Petsas Car Rentals at Larnaca or Paphos which includes comprehensive insurance for both sides.  With other south hire companies who do not issue this, you can purchase 3rd party only insurance only from the border crossing insurance offices at your own risk.  North Cyprus International can offer assistance with car hire bookings for those visiting to view a property.

Is North Cyprus safe to visit?

Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries. Nationals of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) are known as Turkish Cypriots. Conflicts in the middle east don’t affect TRNC. Still, we advise visitors to check their government suggestions. 

Is petrol and diesel cheaper in Northern Cyprus?

Petrol is generally cheaper in North Cyprus than in the Republic of Cyprus (South Cyprus) and certainly cheaper than in most European countries.  95 octane, 97 octane and diesel are widely available and can be paid for by Euros, Sterling or card payment.  There is no car running on LPG in North Cyprus.

What country does Cyprus belong to?

Turkish Republic of North CyprusCyprus is an island divided into 2 countries in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and the Cyprus Republic.  It is the third-largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean, located south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel, north of Egypt.

Where can I cross the border from North to South Cyprus?

There are currently eight crossing points (correct as of August 2019).  Six are pedestrian and car, and two in Nicosia are only pedestrian.   From west to east: Yesilirmak (Limnitis) access to/from Polis & Paphos, Lefke, Bostanci (Astromeritis) to/from the Troodos mountains, Metehan (Agios Domitios) – the main car crossing in Nicosia, Ledra Palace (pedestrian crossing for officials), Ledra Street (public pedestrian crossing), Pyla (access to/from Larnaca Airport) and Famagusta (Strovilia) access to/from the south-east tip of Cyprus.  These crossings are generally not signed well or at all, and visitors are advised to get directions prior to travelling.  North Cyprus International (NCI) can assist with directions for those visiting to view a property.

Will my driving licence be accepted in Northern Cyprus?

If you are a visitor on a 90-day visitor North Cyprus visa, your full driving licence from your home country is accepted in North Cyprus and must be valid for the whole period of your stay.  You do not need an international driving licence.  If you become a resident, you need to apply for a local TRNC driving licence.  This is easy to apply for at the Lefkosa Driving Licences Office.  You will need a copy of your original licence, passport and two passport photographs and to pay a fee.  You will still need your original home licence to drive in south Cyprus where TRNC driving licences are not accepted.