Unique NCI Discounts

Unique NCI Discounts

It is a new home you wish to purchase, you may have previously assumed that “going direct” to a property developer/builder would achieve a better price than going through an agency like NCI.  In fact the opposite is true!  Just as travel companies can negotiate discounts with hotels and airlines, our long standing relationships with vendors and developers gives them the confidence to supply us with unique offers.  We represent the interests of you as the buyer and ensure you get the best value.

  • We guarantee direct-developer prices with no hidden agency fees
  • We often gain developer discounts ensuring a lower price than if you “go direct”
  • We arrange financial consultations between client and developer to gain you the most favourable developer payment plans, investment portfolios and the highest possible deposit 

If you are an investor seeking a portfolio of North Cyprus properties, you wish to maximise your rental return and capital growth.

With our NCI resale (used) properties, we negotiate with resale property owners to ensure a realistic market price so that you pay what it is worth – not what an owner thinks it should be worth!

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