NCI is the leading North Cyprus estate agency for mortgages and payment plan (mortgage-ready) properties.  The great news is that after long last, North Cyprus can now offer overseas buyers the chance to apply for a bank mortgage – similar to locations like Spain or France.

We, at NCI we understand that you may not have 100% of the capital cost of the property available.  Now you have the choice between applying for –

  • A 50% bank loan over up to 10  years at a low interest rate for a ready property with individual title deed – OR
  • A non-status developer loan on selected new-build, under construction or ready properties.

CLICK HERE to view a video about the NEW North Cyprus Bank Mortgages

Fortunately if you are buying a new-build property, many of the developers offer “in-house” payment plans with low deposits over varying periods of time.  For you to contact each developer one by one to compare the market on payment plans, is very time consuming so let us do that for you to compare the best payment plans.

Financial consultations are part of the NCI process to ensure we get you the best payment terms and that you do not have to stray out of your financial “comfort zone” during the buying process.  By discussing in advance with us what your maximum monthly payment and down payment is, we can guide you to which development and which payment plan or mortgage will be right for you.