North Cyprus Property Inspection Trips – July 13th, 2021 update


GOOD NEWS – although N Cyprus has placed the UK in its own RED LIST – as of today’s date there has been a reassessement for UK visitors:

  • UK only – Arrivals before 29th July will NOT quarantine if vaccinated.  7 day quarantine for unvaccinated.
  • UK only – Arrivals from 29th July – 3 days quarantine if vaccinated.  7 day quarantine if unvaccinated.

There are currently two types of property inspection trips in the covid period. and different entry regulations apply to both types.   There are different options depending on where you are coming from and which type of property you wish to view/buy.

1. STANDARD INSPECTION TRIP to view both new build and resale (used) properties – coming from overseas

2. DEVELOPER PARTNER INSPECTION TRIP to view the NEW BUILD properties only – coming from overseas

Any individual can of course request property viewings at any time, if either living in TRNC or on an independent visit – just contact us for details.

The last year has seen temporary changes to the way that North Cyprus property inspection trips are organised.   In the past – almost anyone could arrive instantly in North Cyprus and go straight into their property viewings.  Now, due to covid, there are procedures which must be adhered to, in order to maintain the very low incidence of covid in North Cyprus.

1. STANDARD INSPECTION TRIP – Coming from overseas.  Inspection trips to view both new build and resale (used) properties.

If you wish to come and view the full range of properties, both used and new build, from a variety of different developers and private owners, for any period (usually 3 day minimum) we can help you arrange this.  However, you MUST follow the latest entry regulations on the link below and the trip will start with quarantine if applicable.

Before you apply for this please check our ENTRY REGULATIONS article to see which colour your country is in (for UK, see above).

NCI can provide:

  • a courtesy airport transfer from Larnaca or Ercan (via Turkey) Airports to include border crossing assistance
  • help with finding the ideal self catering accommodation or hotel, usually at special discounted rates *
  • help with arranging food deliveries if you are obliged to self isolate upon arrival for a period of time in your accommodation.  
  • comprehensive research in the week prior to your arrival using our 18 years of experience and contacts –  and line up the very best selection of properties for you to view.  We are agents for all the best developers in North Cyprus and have a great range of quality resale properties.  To avoid duplicate viewings, do feel free to check with us first before contacting other agents, as we often sell properties which are not yet listed on our website.

If coming from overseas for a standard inspection trip – you must check the current NORTH CYPRUS ENTRY REGULATIONS on this link HERE.  Please bear in mind that these regulations apply to what happens to you when you enter North Cyprus.  They can’t affect what happens to you when you return home – you must check your own country’s rules (colour charts etc) about whether or not you have to isolate upon return from Cyprus.  NCI has to observe the entry regulation rules, for which most visits are affected by your vaccination status and country of origin.  * We will fully refund the 3 night cost of your accommodation for all those who go on to purchase – making this a FREE inspection trip for property buyers.

COMPLETE THE FORM FOR FREE 3 day inspection trip accommodation – click HERE for details.  Please let us know what type of property you are seeking.

2. DEVELOPER PARTNER INSPECTION TRIP to view the NEW BUILD properties only – coming from overseas.

This information is up to date as of Tue 13th July.  This is open to all on green, orange and red lists (including the UK) but NOT those coming from a country on the DARK RED list.

Developers in North Cyprus have recently obtained permission from the TRNC government to host overseas property buyers of any vaccination status for a 3 night (4 day) visit without quarantine.  This is therefore another option for the unvaccinated property seeker who does not wish to have to quarantine upon arrival and who is seeking a new build property ONLY.  This must be booked with just one developer as the application for the visit goes through the developer and you can view all the properties built by that same developer.  As you are the responsibility of the developer you do have to stay only on the developer site or sites that you are coming to view.  

New build properties have the following benefits:

  • They often have developer loans over up to 7 years.
  • They are often a higher standard of interior and exterior construction.
  • They often have newer site facilities – which can include all year heated pools.

To explore if this option is right for you, we suggest a video consultation with our team first, to choose what property you are coming to purchase.  You would then pay a 1,000 euro deposit to reserve this property prior to your visit (please note, this deposit is transferable to any property from the same developer but is not refundable and is a condition of the developer trip).    Contact us to see if this option might suit you.

 This includes – * Courtesy Airport Transfer * 3 night courtesy Bed and Breakfast Accomodation as a guest of the developer.

CLICK HERE to view our range of developer properties with payment plans.


North Cyprus International (NCI) is here to take the stress out of organising your travel AND ensure that your buying and decision-making process is smooth, hassle free – and above all, fun.  Don’t take the chance of trying to do it alone in a new country – relax and rely on the experts.An NCI Property Inspection Trip saves time – AND money.

Viewing with NCI ensures that you benefit from our 18 years of experience as well as being able to view properties and learn about unique payment plans which are not generally available online.    Our unique hotel and self catering accommodation discounts ensure that you are also benefiting from a subsidised trip.

Our North Cyprus property finder team will –

  • Ensure that you start off with the best possible property viewing shortlist
  • Arrange your tailor-made viewing itinerary (making most efficient use of your time) and
  • Save you money – by getting you maximum developer price discounts as well as our NCI accommodation discounts
  • And most importantly – ensure you have a really enjoyable, stress-free trip

The NCI Property Inspection Trip includes –

  • Our personal travel assistance if required
  • Courtesy airport transfers on arrival and departure from local airport
  • Hand picked accommodation, to suit your needs, with full refund of 3 nights if you go on to buy with NCI. We help you find where to stay.
  • Free legal advice from an independent property lawyer of your choice
  • Free transport to view all properties and North Cyprus local areas as well as the exclusive service of one of our North Cyprus Property Consultants
  • Individual investment presentations (on rental returns/property management etc.)

A decision to purchase is just the beginning of our NCI Aftersales Service

At the end of your visit you will have become an expert on property and lifestyle in Northern Cyprus and be far better placed to make your decision.  NCI has helped literally 100s of people find their dream home in the sun and a decision to purchase is just the start of our excellent NCI aftercare service.  We will hold your hand and make sure you are fully informed about all the financial and legal aspects of buying including: any taxes, annual costs, legal formalities and timing, local discounts from furniture suppliers and craftsmen, letting potential and much, much more!

Tips for making the most of your NCI Property Viewing Trip

  • Don’t be too polite!  Just be open and honest with us, tell us what you really think of the properties and area.  This allows us to react accordingly so that we don´t waste your time showing you unsuitable houses.
  • Always take a second look.  If you find a property that you’re interested in, always ask us for a second look.   First impressions are not always the best – it is amazing what you can see on the second viewing that you didn’t see first time around.
  • Use our FREE Property Finder Service before you come – call us on 0207 112 8086 or email your contact number to  and we’ll call you right back.   Our experts can make sure you have the right shortlist drawn up before you arrive – saving time and avoiding wasted viewings once you arrive.
  • Make a wishlist of your requirements –  so that you can stay focussed during your viewings.
  • Try to relax and enjoy.  Have fun. It’s a really exciting experience buying a house, especially in a beautiful country like North Cyprus – so just relax and have a good time.