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    6. TYPE: Are you seeking a villa or apartment or either?

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    (Please note – beach properties are often further from shop/restaurant facilities in walking distance. There are no public beaches in Kyrenia town)

    9. ESSENTIAL FEATURES: Please write here any features which are COMPLETELY ESSENTIAL for you (ie: you would not view a property which did not have these features). Continue in "further information" below if you need more space.


    9a. PREFERRED FEATURES: Please list here up to 3 features which you would LIKE but are not a deal-breaker for the right property. (ie: you would not refuse to view properties without these if everything else was fine).


    10. Is this a CASH OR PAYMENT PLAN/MORTGAGE purchase? (3-12 years installments available on selected properties) - Please tick ALL that apply.

    I have cash available to purchase at 100% of the preferred sale price if I wishI have a property to sell but will have all or most of the funds thenI have a cash deposit and ready now of at least 50% of the target price and need a payment plan for the balanceI have/will have cash available for 100% but may prefer to pay in installments with interest – please send me further information

    Please note: 10 year 70% bank mortgage loans on ready properties with individual deeds require proof of income. Developer plans vary from 45% - 75% loans depending upon the property.

    11. IF PAYMENT PLAN – DOWN-PAYMENT: what is your maximum comfortable available cash downpayment in GBP?

    N.B.: Pre purchase payment plans are only available on brand new, unfurnished properties. Be realistic. For apartments the current min. deposit is £6,500 (off plan studio) to £13,500 (ready 2 bed apt). For small villas the min. is currently £25,000. This excludes legal fees, VAT, taxes and furnishings.

    12. IF PAYMENT PLAN: MONTHLY PAYMENTS: What is your maximum comfortable monthly payment?

    (Please bear in mind that monthly 3-15 year payment plan levels are higher than those from long term 25 year mortgages).

    13. STAGE OF CONSTRUCTION: Are you happy to view Off plan and Under construction properties as well as Key Ready homes?

    (Please note, many payment plan properties are off plan).
    Off plan, under construction and key readyUnder construction and key readyOnly key ready

    14. FURTHER INFORMATION: Please tell us as much as possible about what you are seeking so that we can match you effectively.