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(Please note – beach properties are often further from shop/restaurant facilities in walking distance. There are no public beaches in Kyrenia town)
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Please note: 10 year 70% bank mortgage loans on ready properties with individual deeds require proof of income. Developer plans vary from 45% - 75% loans depending upon the property.
N.B.: these figures are for off plan/under construction purchase only. If you do not want under construction there is little we can offer with payment plan. For off plan apartments the current min. deposit is £25,000 (off plan small studio) to £35,000 (off plan 2 bed apt). For villas the min. is currently £45,000 as 1st payment and £90,000 by keys. This excludes legal fees, VAT, taxes and furnishings. You will get a far better investment by paying cash on a resale property. Although bank mortgages are theoretically available on resale properties, in practice at present owners are not willing to accept offers from non-cash buyers due to high demand.
(Please bear in mind that monthly 3-15 year payment plan levels are higher than those from long term 25 year mortgages).
(Please note, many payment plan properties are off plan).