There is a magic about unspoilt Northern Cyprus which, once experienced, is never forgotten.  Known as “the Med’s best kept secret”, many visitors fall in love with its unique ambience and find themselves returning year after year to explore its rich and diverse history, landscape, culture, relaxing pace of life and quite simply gorgeous island climate and people. Few other vacation destinations offer the unique experience of Northern Cyprus.

Many visitors decide to make a home in Turkish Northern Cyprus for full-time or part-time living in this charming former British Colony where property is extremely affordable,  English is widely spoken and where over 10,000 British residents live in a virtually crime-free zone happily alongside a  multi-cultural population.  New state of the art medical care, six international Universities plus new schools (teaching in English) and modern leisure facilities are now attracting ex pat residents and their families from all over Europe and the Middle East.

There is something for people of all ages in Northern Cyprus – as a visitor or resident you can experience.

* The perfect Mediterranean climate and beaches (relax in the warmest winter weather in the European area and enjoy miles of unspoilt sandy beaches)

* the ancient history (climb Richard the Lionheart Crusader Castles on mountain peaks or visit ancient Roman cities),

* the leisure facilities (relax in brand new spas or enjoy new 18 hole golf courses and marinas),

* the fabulous unspoilt scenery and range of activities (dive to explore ancient shipwrecks, enjoy the mountain views or watch baby turtles hatch in the summer)

And all of this for affordable, non euro-zone prices.  Come and enjoy the country and experience the unique Turkish Cypriot welcome.

Hos Geldiniz!  (Welcome)