We guarantee that all the properties found on this website have met our NCI quality control standards.  NCI guarantees to check the Title Deed status of all of our properties prior to listing on our website.  With these rules in place, you can be assured that the highest building and legal standards have been met and you will also be able to visit a show home or finished development when inspecting properties via North Cyprus International.

New Build Properties

Each developer is vetted by our company solicitor and will offer a minimum standard.    We are keen to avoid the pitfalls which can be encountered by newcomers to the North Cyprus market placing deposits with new developers without an established track record or with outstanding mortgages or loans on the land on which the new properties are being built.  Let us help you find your way through the property maze!  Our quality control standards ensure:

* Our company lawyer checks that all the land and ideally individual title deeds are in place (including supporting documents) and that the land registry site plan and floor plans are all in place.

* We pre- check the developer financial status, reliability and legal status

* All development plans are approved by the Chamber of Architects & Engineers

Resale (used) properties

Our carefully vetted NCI approved resale list guarantees that our high property standards are maintained by checking all of the following to give you peace of mind:

* The property Title Deed – ensure that this is sound and either in the seller’s name and easily transferable, OR (if still in the original developer’s name) that the original developer is in a position to transfer it to a new owner.

* Land Registry Check – ensure there are no outstanding mortgages/loans or encumbrances on the property

* Quality inspection of property – ensure there are no damp issues, land slip, pool integrity etc

* Financial & legal history check – ensure that there are no outstanding bills or taxes owing and that if a recent new build, that the original developer is willing to uphold unused warranties and if relevant, reassign contracts (which must be completed).