North Cyprus International (NCI) aims to provide our customers with environmentally friendly homes (eco homes) from developers which are built in harmony with the natural environment.  We particularly favour those developers who ensure that the homes are as energy-efficient as possible and which offer other eco-home features.

Important features for North Cyprus Eco-Homes

* Preserving the local environment and trees (Olive, Carob etc)

* Reducing heating and cooling bills – and therefore CO2 emissions and bills

* Incorporating passive solar design (PSD) and correct shading and ventilation

* High quality, sewage recycling systems

* Re-using the construction materials wisely which are left over after the building is built.

* Using local natural materials sustainably whenever possible.

North Cyprus International works with different local development companies to promote a green environment.  Of particular note are the properties on this LINK from one of the top developers on the island.  You may pay an additional premium to purchase a property of this quality, but you will also be saving money over the long term in terms of running costs – and your quality of the property and hence the quality of life will be far higher.  This will also, in turn, help the North Cyprus environment by reducing overall energy production and keeping the country clean.

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The natural environment of North Cyprus

As its starting point: North Cyprus has the benefit of being an island that has not seen large scale industrial ventures which have hugely changed the natural environment.   This means that the most important first step is to preserve the pre-existing beauty and natural world surrounding North Cyprus homes.

The most environmentally friendly companies do not cut olive, carob and other trees which grow on the plots where homes are constructed.  The trees are preserved, or if necessary replanted in order not to damage the eco-system of the area.

Energy efficiency with North Cyprus Grid-Tie technology

The North Cyprus electricity authority Kibtek now also offer “Grid-Tie” solar connections, which NCI can recommend to reduce your electricity bills (without the cost of batteries) making your home greener and more energy-efficient.   With Cyprus enjoying on average over 300 days of sunshine per year, the cost of this is paid off in a short period of time.

When a GridTie solar electric system generates more power than you are currently using in your property, the excess electricity is sent back to the utility grid. The excess power going into the grid spins your meter backwards, earning you credits to use when your own electricity demands are higher. 

North Cyprus Eco-Home Features

Recycling of waste – including toilet paper!

In our most modern, high-quality North Cyprus eco-homes, even the usage of the sewage systems can be considered as being eco-friendly.  Most North Cyprus toilets cannot process toilet paper – a real drawback to ex-pat buyers.  A huge secondary benefit with the more modern, high-end eco homes is the ability to use toilet paper – which puts an end to the need to put your toilet paper in a bathroom bin.

We prefer to recommend companies for new build eco-home companies who install underground sewage recycling systems with minimal visual impact as well as being far quicker and easier to install than traditional septic tanks.  This reduces maintenance and running costs.  They are also quieter in operation.  Effluence is recycled, making it more environmentally friendly than usual septic tank system as it doesn’t pollute the local subsoil.  This is far more efficient than traditional sewage systems used in older North Cyprus properties.

Passive Solar Design & Insulation – reducing the CO2 of the homes

All modern North Cyprus properties offer a roof-top solar panel for the heating of the hot water during the warmer months.  However, the most modern eco-homes homes in North Cyprus are now incorporating “passive solar design” (PSD) and an emphasis on creating a building with high thermal mass features as part of an integrated approach in order to reduce energy bills all the year round –  and hence the CO2 given out by the home once in use.

Thermal mass provides a highly effective means of avoiding or reducing the risk of overheating during the summer months. Buildings with a high level of thermal mass soak up and release heat at different times of the day. In the summer, heat is absorbed on hot days, helping to stabilise the internal temperature and prevent overheating problems. The cooler night air is used to ventilate the building and remove the accumulated heat from the building. In the winter, heat from the sun is absorbed into the thermal mass and radiated in the evenings reducing the need for additional heating.

This means that consideration is given to the direction of the building in terms of the sun – with types of glazing, ventilation and shading being important, as well as the inclusion of a high standard of insulation and airtightness to retain heat for winter months.

High thermal mass is created by using heavyweight construction. In practice, this will be found by concrete, either blocks or panels, precast or in-situ.

Ventilation in North Cyprus homes

Passive solar design for the hot Cyprus summer requires consideration of ventilation as well as shading and thermal mass.   The best designed North Cyprus homes take maximum advantage of potential airflow.  Cross-flow ventilation, where fresh air travels across the room or home from window to window on different facades, is most effective. Traditionally, shading has not been a major feature of local buildings in North Cyprus. We will change this is as it plays an increasing role in reducing overheating.

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Heating North Cyprus homes in winter

Eco-home properties are also designed for all year living as more and more people are looking for more than just a vacation house.   Important factors for efficient heating in winter include:

* Correct orientation of the home

* Correct use of shading

Environmentally friendly homes will be built with the correct orientation, window sizes and shading from adjacent buildings or vegetation. Correct orientation is required to maximise the benefits of passive solar design (PSD). During the summer, shading provided by a simple overhang will block the sun during the hottest part of the day but will allow sunlight to pass directly in and heat the building during the winter.

Windows play a significant role in solar gain. From a thermal design perspective, the basic requirement is for relatively large north-facing windows – making it much more environmentally friendly to have a sea view in North Cyprus as opposed to the south of the island!

Eco-Home developers are leading the way in North Cyprus

The highest quality eco-home developers we recommend are also leading the way in setting new European standards in North Cyprus that other developers can follow.

Environmentally friendly building methods used by such Eco-Home construction companies include ready-mixed, water-based plasters which do not damage health or the environment. These new plasters dry so fast that they can be painted within 24hours, resulting in less than 1% waste.  In addition, all the materials and waste left after the construction are wisely utilised so neither the environment nor our customers are affected by the spoilt surroundings.

North Cyprus International (NCI) has been in operation since 2003 and has successfully matched hundreds of international buyers with the right North Cyprus property.  Let us help you find the ideal home to meet your environmental and lifestyle needs. 

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