With all property sales from North Cyprus International *

This applies to all sales from July 8th until December 31st 2022.

We are happy to announce a tie in with a trusted, high quality Property Management Company CDS, to offer their Full Management Package free of charge to all our new property owners for the first 2 months of your ownership (from point of keys) in 2022.  After that period is over, you can continue with this excellent service for £35 per month.  This offers new North Cyprus Property owners a considerable saving and taking the weight off your mind in terms of finding a trusted management company for your new home.

It is also a great foundation for your future rentals programme, should you wish to rent out your property in the future.  Please note, this service applies to properties in the geographical area of Karsiyaka to Tatlisu (on the coast).  NCi cannot offer a free service on the East or West Coasts as CDS does not cover those areas.  For further details, please contact us at North Cyprus International (NCI) in the UK or Cyprus.

What is the cost of property management in North Cyprus?

One of the first questions which new North Cyprus property owners ask is what the management of their property will cost them.

Property Management varies between companies but the price for a good service is around £35 per month.  Property Management covers both apartments and villas – new build and resale.

Is property management fee the same as site maintenance fee in Cyprus?

Property Management fee is not the same as property maintenance fee.  It is separate from the monthly maintenance fee which is payable on the apartment sites which have shared facilities (maintenance covers the cleaning of the communal facilities, street lighting etc).  There are not usually maintenance fees on villa sites, but you will still need to consider management.

Why do I need Property Management if I am already paying a site maintenance fee?

“Property Management” in North Cyprus is an extra service, basically offering you a personal concierge service, key holding, regular checks and peace of mind when you are away from your property.  Some sites will also offer this service at a cost.

What does North Cyprus Property Management include?

Property Management refers to the management of your personal property – to include a weekly visit to check for repairs, key holding and local bill payment.  Your Management Company is like having a Personal Concierge in Cyprus to arrange repairs/cleaning, get your property ready for your visit, look after your car if you have one – and more.  The full list is below.  

SERVICES INCLUDED in the FREE 2-month NCI/CDS management package:

Key holding and 3rd party access

Weekly property airing and inspections as per our 16-point checklist

Pre property checks prior to arrival

Client account facility

Payment or control of utility bills (checking S.O’s are paid or paying on your behalf)

Payment of yearly property taxes

Yearly pest control

Commission free repairs

Keeping insurances etc up to date

If you have a car here, ensuring TAX, MOT and Insurance is up-to-date and running the engine regularly.

Holiday Management (costs apply)

Also included

Arranging pre-visit cleaning
End of stay laundry
Pre-visit preparations
Booking airport transfers
Organising car hire
Anything you need we will try to help with.

For further details of this special offer, please contact North Cyprus International (NCI) in the UK or Cyprus on +44 207 112 8086 or +90 548 861 0600.