How do you know your North Cyprus Property is safe to buy? 

So you have decided to visit North Cyprus to view property.  You’ve investigated Rightmove and North Cyprus property websites, drawn up a shortlist, made your ‘phone calls, booked your flights and accommodation and perhaps set your heart on one or two favourite properties on your viewing list.  But how do you know that every North Cyprus property you plan to view is equally safe to buy?  How about North Cyprus Property health Check? Have your favourite North Cyprus apartments or villas been legally checked before being advertised by agents?  How do you know which estate agency to trust?  Should you consult a North Cyprus lawyer before you fly – or wait until you are there?

Sol Klohr of North Cyprus International

NCI offers a free property consultancy service

NCI (North Cyprus International) provides the answers to these dilemmas.  Established for 12 years, this professional North Cyprus Property Concultancy company is a “one-stop shop” offering sales & exclusive finance/mortgage advice, property & legal checks as well as travel and after-sales care – removing the need to consult with several companies before and during your visit.  This total care service has been developed to eliminate the problems which can be caused for buyers when properties can be put to market through other channels – sadly sometimes before all the necessary background checks have been carried out.

“We believe it should not be left to you, the buyer, to research the whole legal history of a property after you fall in love with a particular North Cyprus apartment or villa” says our senior North Cyprus Property Consultant.  “If your North Cyprus lawyer discovers on the last day of your inspection visit, for example, that your #1 favourite (which seemed like such a bargain) has a title deed issue – whether a shared title deed or other legal impediments to full ownership, this can wreck your whole trip as well as your property dreams”.  This late discovery is not only hugely disappointing – it wastes huge amounts of your time and money and may mean having to return for a second visit and starting the whole viewing process again from scratch.  This is why NCI has started offering FREE Property “Health Checks”.

North Cyprus International Kyrenia Office

NCI FREE Property ‘Health Check Reports’ offer quality controlled property viewing

All NCI properties on the website  have already passed a stringent, quality control process, which usually involves being checked by UK-registered legal advisors before being listed.  That means that properties a viewing shortlist from this website, enable the buyer to rest assured that when they fall in love with a particular property, they won’t have disappointments or problems further down the line.

But in addition to vetting the properties listed on the NCI website itself, the new FREE NCI Property Health Check Service means that all NCI clients are also offered the opportunity to have ANY North Cyprus property for sale, vetted by professional property experts and independent UK-registered legal advisors, even before a property viewing visit.  This applies to NCI website properties as well as properties listed elsewhere.

FREE NCI “Property Health Checks” guarantee that you the buyer –

Avoid Problems: Title deed delays shared title deeds and other legal/financial obstacles or buying the wrong property.

  • Save Time “on island” – increase your chance of finding the right/approved property first time.
  • Save Money – avoid wasted trips & the expense of repeat visits and false starts.

North Cyprus Property Health Check. NCI’s “one-stop shop” total property buying service includes;

  • NCI-Only Low Deposit Payment Plans – and mortgage advice·
  • Flight & Travel Advice for your visit/ NCI free accommodation inspection trip.
  • Price Match Guarantee – NCI guarantees to match the price on all NEW properties·
  • Specialist Property Matching – investment & lifestyle advice.
  • After Sales Care  long-term support with comprehensive advice, management & hand-holding.

How to find out more:

See the testimonials page on the NCI website for reports from satisfied customers.

Personal NCI property matching consultations (with no obligation to purchase) and free Property Health Checks on any North Cyprus property, can be obtained by calling +44 207 112 8086 or +90 548 861 0600 or emailing NCI also offers a no-obligation 3-day inspection trip with FREE accommodation, another great way of saving your time and money.  Discover the North Cyprus Property of your dreams which is affordable, right for you and most importantly, a stress-free purchase.