This month, North Cyprus International (NCI) Estate agency are delighted to announce the long-awaited arrival of low-interest, up to 50 % bank mortgages for British and other overseas buyers.  These bank mortgages are for the purchase of ready North Cyprus villas and apartments, with individual title deeds.

This exciting new bank mortgage scheme further consolidates North Cyprus International (NCI) as North Cyprus’ leading estate agency for mortgages and payment plans.  Until now, most of the payment plans NCI could offer overseas buyers were “in house loans” from the developers of the properties, rather than true mortgages from banks, and these were not available for ready properties with deeds.  This new Bank Mortgage Scheme now offers all overseas buyers (who are in employment or in receipt of regular income in their home country) a unique chance to apply for a longer-term bank loan for the purchase of pre-vetted NCI North Cyprus homes.    The scheme is offered in conjunction with a leading North Cyprus legal services firm.  The buyer needs to have at least 30% of the property value available as deposit – and the amount available to borrow from the bank depends upon the buyers individual circumstances.

Please CLICK HERE for the full list of mortgageable NCI properties

For further information and to arrange a mortgage pre-approval meeting, contact NCI in UK or Cyprus on +44 207 112 8086 or +90 548 861 0600, or complete the form below.