Many people who relocate to North Cyprus wish to bring their much-loved pet with them.  The charity Kyrenia Animal Rescue can help you with this.    But there are many animals being cared for in North Cyprus who also need to find new loving homes after their owners leave the country or due to some other lack of care.  So – if you can’t bring your pet but would like to adopt one once you arrive – you have come to the right place!

A working committee was established in 1997 by a small group of people who found a few stray animals on the streets. The first sanctuary was a compound built in Karaoglanoglu area to care for rescued dogs and to find them homes with new loving owners.

Today KARS runs an animal refuge offering a home to over 200 dogs and cats. The refuge is managed by volunteers who assist with the collection of animals and grooming etc.  They also run a charity shop in Kyrenia to help with the funding of the animals in North Cyprus and run events to raise funds.

Fundraising, donation, animal adoption, fostering, sponsoring and volunteering are some of the ways you can help. It’s also a fantastic place for getting advice on taking your pet in and out of the country.

There is also a big online presence on Facebook too with people trying to help to find animals good homes.  Such as “Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus“.