In addition to what is below, annoucement was made today that all country categories, including A and B must now quarantine for 72 hours upon arrival until their PCR test result is available.  There will probably be a charge for this.  Please contact your own Embassy and/or airline for updates and keep an eye on CypriumNews for information as the situation is changing regularly.

NB –  We can only answer live chat requests from those who are planning to come and purchase property. 

Can I travel to North Cyprus in summer of 2020?

North Cyprus will be opening to overseas visitors from 1st July 2020 following the Covid-19 period.  Since North Cyprus/TRNC is currently free from Coronavirus, the TRNC government has divided all countries into A, B and C categories, depending on the level of coronavirus in their country. These categories are decided based on WHO advice.

Do I need a clear Covid-19 PCR test to arrive in North Cyprus?

Category A countries must take a PCR COVID-19 test within 72 hours of travel and show a negative test upon entering Cyprus.

Category B countries must take two tests.  The first PCR COVID-19 test must show negative no more than 72 hours before they travel. The second PCR test will be taken on arrival in North Cyprus.  The testing points in the TRNC are at three key ports: Ercan Airport, Girne Sea Port, and the Metehan Checkpoint (crossing point in Nicosia – Agios Dometios on the south side).  Please note, not all Cyprus crossing points will be opening on July 1st.

Category C countries are thought to be the highest risk due to the current rates of infection. There is a compulsory 14-day quarantine in a government-approved establishment for anyone entering the TRNC from those countries in list C, with a PCR test at the end of this period. There is a further week of self-isolation.

Will I have to quarantine upon arrival in North Cyprus?

Everyone in Category C will have to quarantine for 14 days.  You cannot quarantine in your own home.  The costs of quarantine and the PCR test must be paid for by the visitor, including those holding TRNC citizenship, currently set at 4,400 TL (approximately £510).

Will the list of countries change for entry to North Cyprus?

This list is likely to be regularly updated as the coronavirus situation changes in each country.  North Cyprus International (NCI) will aim to keep our own property seeking clients updated.  Otherwise please consult your travel agency.

Should I arrive into Ercan or Larnaca Airport in summer 2020?

At present we are advising those wishing to visit, to arrive into Ercan Airport.  The reason is that the border situation may be subject to change if the virus situation worsens in South Cyprus.  Again, this advice may change.

What if I cross the border into North Cyprus from South Cyprus?

This article refers only to the regulations published by North Cyprus.  The government of South Cyprus may have different regulations on entry to the country.  If you are already in South Cyprus and are crossing into the North of Cyprus, please note that on your return you will need to obtain a new negative PCR test no more than 72 hours before crossing the border from North Cyprus to South Cyprus. This can be carried out at the Lefkosa hospital and there will be a charge for this.  If you do not have this test result with you, you will not be able to return to South Cyprus.  This regulation is subject to change.

Category A – List of countries.  These are the countries which can come to TRNC from July 1st with clear Covid-19 PCR test from the country of departure.

Anyone travelling from a country listed in Category A must show a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours before entering North Cyprus.

  1. Austria
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia
  5. Czech Republic
  6. Estonia
  7. Finland
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. Hungary
  11. Iceland
  12. Karabakh
  13. Latvia
  14. Liechtenstein
  15. Lithuania
  16. Luxemburg
  17. Malta
  18. Norway
  19. Slovakia
  20. Slovenia
  21. South Korea
  22. Switzerland

Category B – List of countries.  These are countries which can come to TRNC from July 1st with 2 clear Covid-19 PCR tests.

  1. Australia
  2. Belgium
  3. Canada
  4. Denmark
  5. France
  6. Ireland
  7. Israel
  8. Italy (also in Category C)
  9. Japan
  10. Jordan
  11. Lebanon
  12. Maldives
  13. Netherlands
  14. Poland
  15. Portugal
  16. Romania
  17. Singapore
  18. Spain
  19. Turkey
  20. United Arab Emirates 

Category C – List of countries.  These are countries requiring quarantine in North Cyprus upon arrival from July 1st pending updates.

  1. Brazil
  2. India
  3. Iran
  4. Italy (also in Category B)
  5. Mexico
  6. Pakistan
  7. Russia
  8. Sweden
  9. United Kingdom
  10. United States of America
  11. All other countries not mentioned above

This information is accurate as of June 27th.  Please check the internet for regular updates.  As countries become clear of coronavirus, or the situation worsens, these lists will change.  We do not currently have information for those travelling from or a resident in South Cyprus.  We do not have information on how long you must have stayed in the relevant country before travelling on to North Cyprus – please consult your travel agency.  We advise those planning to visit soon to arrive via Ercan Airport since if the COVID situation in South Cyprus worsens, the border could close again.

North Cyprus International (NCI) is not a travel agency or government agency and please note that you should check this information with your travel company.  We can only assist those who are travelling to view properties for sale with our company.