Please note, as we are an estate agency and overwhelmed with travel enquiries, we cannot respond to either live chat. ‘phone or email enquiries which are purely about travel and quarantine.  We can only respond to enquiries which relate to property purchase.  Please contact a travel agency such as or join the Facebook Group – North Cyprus Ex Pats – where you will find regular updates.  If you are coming to purchase property, please contact us as soon as possible with your dates, so that we can keep you well updated.


As from 8th December the Categories A, B and C have been (possibly temporarily) suspended.  All arrivals from any country, including from South Cyprus, are now treated the same.

For 15th December and possibly beyond (pending review), ALL ARRIVALS MUST QUARANTINE IN A GOVERNMENT HOTEL FOR 10 DAYS.   The quarantine period from 8th to 14th was 7 days. Quarantine fees must be paid prior to arrival.  Please contact your airline or travel agency for details.

For the time being, please, therefore, disregard the rest of this article about Categories and Entry Regulations.  We are not deleting it yet, as things will be reviewed on 25th December.

Here is a summary of some of the new rules.

1. Three risk categories for countries abolished, all now in a single group that has mandatory 10-day quarantine for travellers regardless of where they travel from.  This must be carried out in a government-approved hotel.

2. Quarantine-free 72-hour visits to end from 8th December. Those planning to be in North Cyprus for three days or less must do 10-day quarantine first;

3. TRNC citizens must also pay for their quarantine costs;

4. Everyone travelling to the TRNC must have a negative PCR test taken between 0-72 hours before travel, and the test results must in English or Turkish;

5. UK NHS PCR test results are valid for those entering the TRNC, and

6. The cost of 10-day quarantine costs and a final PCR test has been set at 2,255 TL, or £214, per person, which must be paid ahead of travelling to the TRNC.

It is no longer possible to get one taxi all the way from Larnaca to your hotel.  Greek Cypriot taxi drıvers will collect Larnaca arrival passenger/s and drive them to the Pyla border.  Then from Pyla border, Bellapais Taxi can collect all the passenger/s and then drive them to their quarantine hotel as before.  Passengers wıshıng to cross from North to South – Bellapais Taxi can transfer you to Pyla Border only and then a Greek Cypriot taxi driver will contınue the remaining part of the journey at an additional cost.

The latest coronavirus measures came into force from 00:01 on Tuesday 8 December 2020, and run through to 23:59 on Wednesday 23 December 2020, when the TRNC Health Ministry will confirm whether the rules will continue or be modified. However, notices on Turkish Airlines’ website about travel to North Cyprus state the quarantine requirements will continue until 31 December.

If you are seeking property and wish to arrange a 3-day inspection trip as soon as the rules change, please send your details to and we will write to you when it becomes possible.


GROUP B LIST – are you in this list or have you been in these countries for 14 days?

United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Japan, Poland, Vatican, San Marino, Rwanda, Uruguay, China/Hong Kong, Singapore, Greece, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Georgia, Estonia, Canada, Serbia, Taiwan.

North Cyprus International 3 Night Property Inspection Trips

Owing to the change of regulation, we can once again offer qualified clients courtesy airport transfers from Larnaca (not Paphos) or Ercan & Hotel Refunds as well as help with locating departure PCR tests in North Cyprus and general travel advice (subject to T&Cs – please contact us for details).

Please email with a contact mobile/WhatsApp  number and the following details.  One of our consultants will call you to assist you in arranging your visit and check that you qualify for our inspection trip offer.  We need to know the following:

1. When you hope to come

2. What type of property or properties you hope to view

3. Whether or not you hope to buy during this visit

Important Updates – Please read: 

1. 3 DAY VISIT WITHOUT QUARANTINE – Everyone crossing from the South must undergo quarantine, whether resident, visitor or citizen, unless they stay 3 days or less.  There are exceptions and regular testing for those who can prove they are crossing for regular work or education.
This CHANGES our previous advice that you could fly to South Cyprus for 14 days and enter for a longer stay in North Cyprus without quarantine.  You can arrive in the South but only cross without quarantine for 3 days or less. 

2. NON RESIDENTS – Your 3 day visit to North Cyprus must be for the last 3 days of your time in Cyprus.  You will only be allowed to cross back to the Southif you can show a boarding pass at the border for a flight no more than 5 hours ahead.

3. UK VISITORS – You will now have to Self Isolate at home for 14 days upon return from ANY Cyprus Airport (from 31st October).  Non UK visitors – are advised to check your own country rules for isolation or quarantine.

4. If you arrive via South Cyprus (Larnaca) you will need to complete the online Cyprus Flight Pass for the South and produce valid PCR test certificate to enter both South (less than 72 hours old) and if you time it right, use for the North (less than 120 hours old). 

5. PCR TEST ON ARRIVAL IN NORTH CYPRUS – You will be asked to take a PCR test upon arrival in North Cyprus (200TL) and must isolate in a pre-booked hotel until you receive the results.  If you do not have a hotel booked, you will be taken to a government hotel to isolate until results come through – usually within 8 hours.

6. PCR TEST BEFORE DEPARTING FOR THE SOUTH – You will need to take another PCR test the day before crossing back over the border, if you are leaving Cyprus from the South or returning to your home there.  NCI can assist with this if you are on an NCI Property Viewing Visit.

Isolation in UK if you return from Ercan Airport

14 day Self Isolation in UK now obligatory when returning from Ercan, Larnaca and Paphos Airports

From 3rd October anyone returning to the UK via Ercan Airport and Turkey, has incurred a 14 day isolation requirement upon return to the UK.  

Update from Sunday 31st October – As from Mid-October, people arriving into Cyprus have been able to land and depart from Larnaca (and Paphos) with certain procedures to be followed at the border when crossing into the North and when returning South (NB your return to the South must be on your last day in Cyprus as you have to go straight to the airport upon returning South).  

However, as from 31st October, if you are returning to the UK and you return via South Cyprus (Larnaca and Pafos airports), you will now have to isolate for 14 days in the UK on return.  Those from other non-UK countries are advised to check their own return regulations in terms of quarantine or isolation after a Cyprus visit.

North Cyprus Entry Regulations Categories

North Cyprus has been welcoming overseas visitors since 1st July 2020 following the Covid-19 period.  The TRNC government has divided all countries into A, B and C categories, depending on the level of coronavirus in their country. These categories are decided based on WHO advice

The full list of A, B and C countries is below.  Please note, this list is changing regularly so check back here and with your travel agency for updates before booking. Rules are changing frequently and NCI can NOT take responsibility for the accuracy of this advice, which is given as a service for our property seekers. We cannot take responsibility for any changes to the regulations which incur extra costs.  Please do NOT request live chat about Entry Regulations unless you are coming to purchase the property.


Will I have to quarantine upon arrival in North Cyprus?

Everyone in category C will have to quarantine in a government-approved hotel for14 days.  Category B visitors who wish to stay longer than 3 days must quarantine for 7 days.  The costs of quarantine and the Covid-19 PCR test must be paid for by the visitor, excluding those holding TRNC citizenship.   

Can I quarantine in my own home?

 Although there was a period where UK arrivals could quarantine in their own property, that has been changed and it is still no longer permitted to stay in your own home or rented accommodation for quarantine.  Everyone quarantined except students will be taken to a government arranged hotel.

Do I have to pay for my North Cyprus quarantine?

If you are a citizen of North Cyprus you may not have to pay for your quarantine.  All other quarantined will pay a quarantine fee of approx. 265TL per day to include food..  Prices are subject to fluctuation so please check with your travel agency or airline.

Do I need a Covid-19 PCR test certificate to enter North Cyprus?

Yes, everyone arriving must have a PCR test taken in their country of departure before they travel.  They must bring a negative PCR test certificate which clearly states the date of the test.   The time periods below refer to the actual DAY & TIME when the test was taken and the certificate you bring must have this date on the certificate.


What follows is edited from the latest announcement on the Ministry of Health Website.

Groups B (for visits of longer than 7 days) and C visitors entering North Cyprus from 25/9 have to quarantine in a government hotel for a minimum of 7 days (category B) and 14 days (Category C).

Group A visitors are allowed to arrive with clear PCR test certificate less than 72 hours old, as well as one on arrival (two tests in total) and be free to enter the country – IF THEY ARRIVE VIA SOUTH CYPRUS (Larnaca and Paphos Airports). 

If visitors from Group A arrive via Turkey/Ercan, the Group B rules apply.


South Cyprus Residents will now be able to enter TRNC by showing a negative PCR test certificate and should have no problem returning back South.  You are advised to bring proof of residency with you.  We are currently unclear whether or not South Cyprus residents can stay longer than 3 days without quarantine.

People working in South Cyprus or benefitting from educational and health services in the South, as well as those crossing the South for other reasons, will be able to maintain their crossings by having their PCR tests conducted only once.  There are also random tests carried out.


Students who come to the TRNC for higher education will be isolated in dormitories or hotels designated by their University for 7 days.  We are unable to assist students who should contact their university.


The driver section must be separated from passengers with a fixture.
Among other things, the windows should be open, the air conditioning should not be used, and everyone in the vehicle should wear a mask. The name-surname and address records of the passengers should also be kept on a date basis


CATEGORY A – no quarantine (two PCR tests)

Finland, South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia.

Those seeking to travel to the TRNC from countries listed in Category A by entering through South Cyprus, and having their PCR tests conducted within the last 72 hours (confirmed negative), can enter the TRNC from all land border gates without being subjected to any other tests or quarantine. Those not having their PCR tests will only be able to enter the country either from the Metehan Gate or the Beyarmudu Gate as these are the only two border crossing points where PCR tests are being conducted. They will be in isolation for a few hours until test results are revealed. Travellers will have to pay the costs of the test.

Category B rules shall apply for travellers arriving to North Cyprus from a country listed in Category A, through Turkey.

CATEGORY B – 3 day visit without quarantine – or 7-day hotel quarantine for longer visits.

Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Vatican, San Marino, Rwanda, Uruguay, China/Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, Greece, United Kingdom, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Germany, Georgia, Estonia, Norway, Canada, Serbia, Taiwan.

People coming to TRNC from Category B will be able to enter with a negative PCR test taken 0-120 hours before the travel start date.  A further PCR test will be taken at the end of quarantine (if applicable) and you also need to take another one prior to departure if returning to the South.  Test and quarantine fees will be paid by the passenger.

CATEGORY C – 14 day hotel quarantine

USA, Brazil, Argentina, Montenegro, Portugal, Luxembourg, Romania, India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Iraq, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Malta, Croatia, The Netherlands, Andorra, Tunisia, UAE, Lebanon, Ukraine, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Monaco, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria and all other countries.

For those coming from the countries in Category C – it is compulsory to bring a clear PCR test certificate, the test to be taken between 0-120 hours before the boarding time upon entry to the TRNC.  These visitors will be quarantined for 14 days in a hotel chosen by the Ministry of health.  Another PCR test will be done at the end of the 14 days.

TRNC citizens permanently residing in the country and students with TRNC citizenship will be exempted from quarantine fees. Others will have to pay for PCR tests and quarantine.

Please note:

1. PCR test results are not needed from children 0-5 years old.

2. The 3-5 day period starts from the date of delivery of the PCR sample (ie: the date and time of the actual test) and the certificate must give the date of the test.

3. People who bring tests which are older than 6 days in groups B and C will not be allowed into the country.

4. Passengers arriving from Turkey need to have a QR code on the PCR test certificate.

Should I land at Ercan or Larnaca Airport?

If you are in a Category A country, you should arrive at Larnaca or Paphos.

If you are Category B or C, you can choose, however see below re your return ticket as well as entry criteria for the south of Cyprus.

There was a temporary ban on the arrival of non-Cypriots into Ercan Airport between the 16-20th September, in order to free up hotel beds for quarantine.  This has now ended and all nationalities can arrive at Ercan as before (subject to Group A, B, C rules as above).

If you are arriving in Larnaca or Paphos Airport and wish to cross to the North, please note you must also comply with the rules for entry to the Republic of Cyprus.  You must have a PCR test certificate which is UNDER 72 hours old and complete the Cyprus Flight Pass online to include your PCR test results.  If you do not do this, you will be refused entry to South Cyprus.  You will then need to have a test which is 0-120 hours old in order to enter North Cyprus.  Therefore you need to time your test carefully so that it works for both sides.

Please note, those landing at Larnaca and Paphos have until recently been refused re-entry to the South for their return flight.  However, as from mid-October it now seems that you can return South for your return.  Please contact a North Cyprus Taxi firm with experience at airport pick-ups to discuss the procedure.  We can assist those who are coming on property viewings only.  Returning via the South is important for UK nationals now that 14-day isolation has been imposed on those returning from Turkey.  Please note, this is in a state of flux.

What if I am in a Category C country requiring quarantine, but I spend 14 days or more on the way to TRNC in a Category A or B country?

We believe that if you have documented evidence of having been in a Category A or B country for 14 days or more on the way to TRNC, you will be treated as a Category A or B.  However, please check this with your travel agency, as rules are subject to regular change.


This is a great resource we recommend for all those coming to North Cyprus to purchase property and/or relocate.  Please check the Facebook Group for developments, but we are currently advising non Cypriots arriving via South Cyprus to cross at Pyla crossing point ONLY.


If you are coming from the UK, we advise that you get a private PCR test rather than relying on the NHS test.  The reason is that NHS test results are not in certificate form required by North Cyprus, and in addition, the results can be delayed and not be provided in time for your flight.  You can get a list of private PCR clinics via the North Cyprus British Residents Society website.  One London Clinic is the NL Clinic at Southgate where there are Turkish and English speaking doctors.  The number is 0044 787 999 0641.  You can also look online for “Doctor Call of Harley Street” on +44 161 214 1906 covering London and Manchester. 

Will the list of countries change for entry to North Cyprus?

This list is likely to be regularly updated as the coronavirus situation changes in each country.  North Cyprus International (NCI) will aim to keep our own property seeking clients updated.  Otherwise please consult your travel agency.

North Cyprus International (NCI) is not a travel agency or government agency and please note that you should check this information with your travel company.  We can only assist those who are travelling to view properties for sale with our company.