The North Cyprus Internet connectivity is generally fast and good quality. The monthly packages are low cost compared to western Europe/UK. If you are coming for short periods on holiday, you may be happy to use mobile broadband via your own mobile phone on roaming or by purchasing a local sim card and data package. However, if you are purchasing a property you will, of course, wish to have your own Wi-Fi installed. Our North Cyprus International (NCI) aftersales department will be able to advise you on the best way to go about having your own Internet and TV system installed in your new North Cyprus property.

Do North Cyprus properties all have Internet/Broadband?

All of North Cyprus, apart from very remote country areas, has good mobile signal reception. Internet in North Cyprus operates via the mobile broadband system and is of high quality. There are some apartment sites which offer free internet in the site restaurant or reception areas and if your property happens to be near to these buildings, it may be that you will get free internet by virtue of your property location. However, in most cases, you will have to have your own internet installed in your new property.

How will I get Internet installed into my new North Cyprus property?

Once you are the proud owner of your new North Cyprus villa or apartment, you will need to contact one of the companies at the foot of this article and give them the address of your property. They will then be able to advise the best package for you based on your location. They will arrange a time to come and fit your router and will give you all the price details.

How will I pay for my North Cyprus Internet Package?

You will need to pay in advance, monthly if you have a North Cyprus bank account with online banking or when you come and visit North Cyprus.

Is North Cyprus Internet/Broadband expensive?

At the time of writing, owing to the exchange rate with the Turkish Lira, monthly broadband prices were about half of those per month in the UK and Europe.

How do I choose the best North Cyprus Internet/Broadband provider?

The best thing is to contact each company, give them your address and ask for a quotation. We don’t publish prices here, as these will change frequently. Prices will be quoted in Turkish Lira – the currency also fluctuates.

Can I just use mobile broadband on my phone in North Cyprus?

It’s a really good idea to purchase a local Telsim or Turkcell sim card upon arrival (they are sold at the airport) and get the package which offers the best amount of data included in the bundle. You may be able to use this to tether to your laptop or tablet too. This may suit you for short visits.

Can I get British / English language TV in North Cyprus?

You can receive many local TV channels with a normal antenna. This will include a few programmes in English.

All English language TV is now accessed via the internet in North Cyprus. You can get quite a bit of TV from your own country using a VPN (a virtual private network) and accessing TV via your own mobile data. However, if you are moving to North Cyprus or spending extended times in the country, your Internet/Broadband provider or the Satellite TV companies, listed here, can assist you.

List of North Cyprus Internet/Broadband providers

Extend internet provider
Şht. Mehmet Münür Mustafa Street
Aydoğan APT 2. D.3
Küçük Kaymaklı
Lefkoşa / KKTC
Phone: (0392) 444 29 92
Fax: (0392) 229 22 65

Multimax internet provider

Lefkoşa: 3A Şehit Necdet Altinok Sok. Lefkoşa, Kıbrıs
Girne: 43 Mustafa Ali Zihni Sok. Girne, Kıbrıs
Phone: +90 548 888 6629
Fax: +90 392 229 0051

Nethouse internet providers

Address: Şht. İbrahim Ramadan Sokak No:7/3 Küçük Kaymaklı Lefkoşa / Kıbrıs
Phone: +90 (392) 444 0 555
Fax:+90 (392) 227 64 40

Address: Bedreddin Demirel Caddesi, Şemsi Kazım İş Merkezi A Blok No:7 Girne / KKTC
Phone: +90 (392) 444 0 555

List of North Cyprus Satellite TV providers

All North Cyprus English language TV is now accessed via the internet. You do not need to contact a Sky TV company, only the internet and satellite TV companies.

Digiturk – Satellite TV

+90 (212) 473 73 73

Satellite Cyprus TV

+90 533 869 4372

Local TV

You can receive local TV many channels with a normal antenna