How to get the latest North Cyprus news updates.

Whether you live in North Cyprus or wish to keep up with North Cyprus news from your home country, you will wish to know the best North Cyprus media in the English language – both in print, online and broadcasting on the airwaves!

Keeping up with North Cyprus news (online media)

There are some great news media websites on which to keep up to date with North Cyprus news in English when out of the country.

The main English speaking weekly newspaper (print media) is Cyprus Today.  Their website is:

There are some other great media websites to check, including LGC News, T-Vine and Cyprus Scene.

The Hurriyet Daily News is an English language newspaper from Turkey which has articles about North Cyprus.  It is also available online.

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North Cyprus print media (newspapers)

When you are physically in North Cyprus and wish to buy an English newspaper, there’s a great selection.

The most popular locally produced English newspaper is Cyprus Today, which is currently published weekly on a Saturday and is available widely throughout North Cyprus.

In addition, English language print media available throughout North Cyprus includes newspapers in English from the UK (The Telegraph, Times, Mail and other British newspapers are widely available – but at a higher price than the UK of course) as well as from the south of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Mail is a newspaper produced in the south of Cyprus but is available in most supermarkets and does include some North Cyprus news, written from a strongly Greek Cypriot perspective!  The Cyprus Mail also has a website.

North Cyprus English Broadcast Media (Radio and TV)

For access to broadcast media – most English speaking visitors and residents listen to UK BBC and other radio stations and watch English language TV online or via satellite – so there are no English speaking TV stations in North Cyprus. 

However, Bayrak International Radio (formerly BRT) broadcasts quite a few programmes in English. 

It broadcasts in 87.8/105FM and is one of the favourites – broadcasting local news and events, interviews, debates and music.  The station also has North Cyprus news broadcasts in Turkish, Greek and English, and even has an online broadcast (including smart phone apps) that you can sign up to on the Bayrak International website:  Bayrak also has other stations such as Bayrak Classic on 93.4/88.4FM and Bayrak FM on 98.1/92.1FM.

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