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North Cyprus Villas – Which type is for you?

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North Cyprus Villas offers a huge and amazing range of types, exterior styles, and designs.  If you are seeking a North Cyprus villa as opposed to an apartment, you have probably already decided what size you want, which features and facilities you want – and how much you want to pay for your villa.   But have you thought much about the STYLE or design of the villa you prefer? 

In conventional property search sites like Rightmove, you can search only by price, location and number of bedrooms!  Yet in many ways, the style of the villa is equally if not more important.  The type of interior and exterior villa style you like reflects how you want to live, your décor, surroundings and your personality.   If someone buys a North Cyprus villa in a style that they really do not feel in harmony with, it can seriously affect how they feel about their home.  For example, some people love older style properties with lots of marble and exposed stonework.  They really would not feel at home with a north Cyprus villa full of glass and white surfaces.  And others just dream of lots of clean aluminum railings and can’t bear the idea of feeling old fashioned!  Everyone is different and that’s really what makes buying – and property matching – North Cyprus villas to their new owners such fun.

The 7 North Cyprus Villa design types

We have classified the North Cyprus Villas currently on our North Cyprus International ( NCI ) website  into 7 major design types.  These are:

  1. North Cyprus Mediterranean Villas,
  2. North Cyprus Traditional Villas,
  3. North Cyprus Bungalows,
  4. North Cyprus Townhouse Villas,
  5. North Cyprus Ultra-Modern Villas,
  6. North Cyprus Luxury Designer Villas and
  7. North Cyprus Turkish Style villas.

Within each type – generally, apart from the Luxury Designer Villas (which tend to be more expensive from around £300,000), there are villas of all price types in each category.  If you need further information about any of the types of villa in this article, do contact our NCI Offices for further information and we will carry out our unique property matching service to find you exactly what you are seeking – or advise you if you are not sure!  So read on, and hopefully, this is going to help you choose which type of North Cyprus villa is right for you.

North Cyprus Villas | Mediterranean Style Villa

Mediterranean style villa near Turtle Beach

Mediterranean style villa near Turtle Beach

The North Cyprus Mediterranean Style villa is a classic dream in the minds of many.  When you close your eyes and imagine yourself staring out to sea from your villa veranda, drink in hand, perhaps you automatically associate this image with a whitewashed Mediterranean island villa!  Although many North Cyprus villas of all styles are painted white, the classic Mediterranean style home would generally feature a white exterior, wooden pergolas, probably some bougainvillaea or other traditional Mediterranean flowers outside the front and quite a simple style.  North Cyprus Mediterranean style villas can be either single storey bungalows OR two-storey villas.    Many villas in North Cyprus echo the classic Mediterranean villa style, which has a huge influence generally on North Cyprus architecture.  This style of North Cyprus villa can be furnished of course in either modern OR traditional interior design style.  North Cyprus International is pleased to recommend experienced interior designers for those who wish to further enhance the look and feel of their new North Cyprus property.  Prices of this type of villa will generally start at around £130,000 including the private pool.

North Cyprus Villas | Traditional Style Villa

Traditional Style villa interior in North Cyprus

Traditional Style villa interior in North Cyprus

Whether an original old villa, or a newer villa built in a traditional style, many people ask for a Traditional North Cyprus villa.  The kinds of features which attract potential North Cyprus villa owners to traditional style properties are features such as traditional open fireplace and outside BBQ in Cypriot style, exposed stonework, window shutters, marble floors, perhaps some beams or alcoves.    There are some lovely North Cyprus villas being built using older style materials and designs.  If you do purchase this type of villa you can of course further enhance the look and feel of your new North Cyprus home with traditional Turkish Cypriot crafts such as the lovely basketry, Cypriot lacework, Turkish Kilims and other interior design features which echo the traditional Turkish Cypriot culture.  The newer villas built in an older style can offer ‘the best of both worlds’, giving you the comfort of a dry, warm, insulated, sound modern home, with the look and feel of an older property.   At the time of writing, there are new build traditional style villas starting at around £75,000 for semi-detached 3 bedroom property – do contact us for details of current prices and availability.

Traditional North Cyprus local crafts

Traditional North Cyprus local crafts

North Cyprus Villas | Bungalow

There is actually a shortage generally of North Cyprus bungalows, which are quite in demand from would-be North Cyprus retirees, who like the idea of avoiding stairs!  Bungalows can, of course, be built in many styles: Mediterranean, Traditional, Ultra-modern etc.  One lovely feature of a bungalow can be the flat roof which can allow, for the still sprightly, a ladder to a flat roof terrace.  Such a roof viewing terrace can often give wonderful North Cyprus Mediterranean and mountain views. Some North Cyprus

Bungalow in Tatlisu with stairs to roof terrace

Bungalow in Tatlisu with stairs to roof terrace

bungalows even provide pergolas on the roof to create a mini roof garden and relaxation area. Bungalows are generally easy to maintain, with cleaning just on one level, and are of course ideal for anyone with mobility issues.  If you are unable to find your ideal North Cyprus bungalow,  do bear in mind that many North Cyprus villas often have one or more of the bedrooms downstairs anyway, so you could consider taking a two-storey building but keeping the smaller upstairs level for less frequent usage or guests.  Although North Cyprus bungalows will generally have a lower price tag than two-storey villas, they can also have good sized plots and many have private pools or space for one.

North Cyprus Villas | Townhouse Villa

Townhouse in Karsiyaka, West of Kyrenia

Townhouse in Karsiyaka, West of Kyrenia

A North Cyprus townhouse villa is not really necessarily in a town.  This describes a linked villa which is a proper home yet joined to other homes.  In the UK these are generally called ‘terraced’ houses. In North Cyprus, terraced or townhouse villa design is less common but can enable buyers to find a much lower cost solution to their villa needs as buyers have a proper 1,2 or 3 bedroom home yet for a much smaller investment.  The reason for this is simple of course – the land and construction costs are much lower for the developer, yet the result can be very pleasing, such as this lovely terraced townhouse in Karsiyaka.   North Cyprus townhouses, being tall and slim on 2-3 levels, usually will also offer a lovely roof terrace to compensate for having a less private garden.   With sea views better from the higher levels – this can be a real bonus and provide fabulous Besparmak mountain views too.   North Cyprus townhouses are also easier to ‘lock up and leave’ than conventional villas and whilst possibly offering a plunge pool, will not generally offer a private pool option.   They will usually be on complexes with shared facilities, so in that respect are almost halfway between apartment and villa.  At the time of writing, NCI can offer linked townhouse style villas in Bellapais, Catalkoy and Karsiyaka – do contact us for details.

North Cyprus Villas | Ultra-Modern Villa

Ultra-modern Beachfront villa in Catalkoy near Kyrenia

Ultra-modern Beachfront villa in Catalkoy near Kyrenia

If you love the Ultra-Modern villa design, then you are amply provided for in North Cyprus.  Turkish Cypriots have actually really taken to the high-end modern look and feel, and this can now be found in many of the new villas as well as in most of the newer Kyrenia apartment buildings.  Although there are ready Ultra-Modern villas available to purchase in North Cyprus, you may also be more likely, with this type of development, to need to purchase an under construction or even off plan villa, in order to get your first choice of design.  In fact, if the design is ‘your thing’ then you will love the opportunity to speak to the villa designers and personalise your villa interior.  These types of North Cyprus villas will generally feature large glass sliding doors to patio or pool, clean lines and surfaces inside, aluminium railings or even a metal internal staircase, high-quality modern kitchens and door fittings.  You may well have an intercom too.    With a North Cyprus Ultra-Modern villa, you can live the high life just as in any other modern Mediterranean destination.

North Cyprus Villas | Luxury Designer Villa

Private Bay Designer home near Karpaz Peninsula

Private Bay Designer home near Karpaz Peninsula

If you want a completely unique, architect designed, luxury North Cyprus Villa then generally you will be looking to spend at least £300,000 and upwards for a villa.  Some of the most fabulously unique in terms of size, private location and design are priced between £650,000 to over 2 million. Villas of this type and price range are usually built somewhere really special – such as on a unique private bay site, close to a very special beach or on a mountainside where the keyword is privacy and location, location and location!  There are ready villas available in this price range, but do bear in mind that if you wish a brand new one, it is unlikely that a developer will pre-spend this level of investment into a ready home which the new future buyer may wish to personalise.  Therefore many of the best high-end opportunities are off plan or under construction properties.  Some  North Cyprus luxury property seekers first purchase the land and make sure they have completely

Secret Valley Luxury Designer home close to Kyrenia

Secret Valley Luxury Designer home close to Kyrenia

the right location – only then looking for the right architect or designer to create their dream property.  Finally, you will need a high-quality builder to construct it.  Some developers will offer a land and design package.  Villas of this standard will offer the very highest ‘smart home’  technology available in North Cyprus with computer-controlled heating, lighting, audio systems etc., as well as using eco-friendly materials.  If you would like to create a Luxury North Cyprus villa of this kind of standard, please do contact our NCI advisors and we can find you the right location or plot – and the perfect architect, designer and construction team to create your dream home in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Villas | ‘Turkish Style’ villa

Villa in Bogaz - East Coast

Villa in Bogaz – East Coast

In many ways the designation of ‘Turkish style’ is a cop out on our part to find a category which is ‘everything else’ – but that’s kind of what it is!  The conventional  Turkish or Turkish Cypriot villa architecture in North Cyprus over the last few decades tends to have a pitched or apex roof, often but not always with red tiles, and can use colour too in the building – although is also often white painted.  Although some people find these villa designs a little ‘old fashioned’ they can also offer charm and a very solidly built North Cyprus home at often a very reasonable price.

Some Turkish style North Cyprus villas are really quite grand looking, there will usually be wrought-iron balconies (rather than the more modern aluminium style) and they will have two storeys.  90% of these North Cyprus villas are built with three bedrooms – it is actually quite hard to find a two bedroom villa in North Cyprus – although there is a handful with a fourth bedroom.  Garages are rare in North Cyprus although can, of course, be built on – and full central heating is also not that common, with air con units usually offering heating and cooling.  Many Turkish style North Cyprus villas will have open fires, but not always.    Not all more conventional Cypriot village

Turkish Style Villa in Ozankoy

Turkish Style Villa in Ozankoy

villas have swimming pools, but the plot will usually be big enough for one if needed.  Plot sizes tend to be 500m2 (an ‘evlek’) or half a donum, although one donum can be found.  Residents of North Cyprus villas are of course not all overseas property seekers – and if living in a village in this type of villa you may well have Turkish Cypriot neighbours or find that the previous owner was Cypriot!

As this style of North Cyprus villa is the slightly older style, many of those for sale of this type will be ‘resale’ villas which have had previous owners, although there are still many North Cyprus property developers (particularly the Turkish Cypriot owned companies) building new houses in this style.  The quality and price of this general type can vary hugely, generally from around £80,000 to £180,000 depending on quality, facilities and location.

So which North Cyprus villa type is for you?

Do you know now?  If you are still unsure and would like a personal property matching consultation with one of our experts, with no obligation to purchase at all, please do complete your details on the contact form  HERE, or click request for Live Chat (leave a message if offline)– and one of our advisors will be in touch immediately.  If you do know the style you like, we will find you the right villa in the right location at the right price.  North Cyprus International can be reached on +90 548 861 0600 or +44 207 112 8086.

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