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• We are NOT a visa department and cannot take general queries by live chat or phone about North Cyprus visitor visas.

• For those who are planning to purchase a property from NCI and have queries, please email us and we will either answer your query or refer you to a bona fide legal advisor.

• Visitor and Residency visas do NOT allow you to work in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus visa and residency regulations may change in the future and this section is intended as general advice only – NCI cannot take responsibility for any future changes to the legislation which may not appear in this section.

You can contact your nearest visa department via this link: North Cyprus Embassies List

North Cyprus Visa Information for UK Residents

We at NCI get a lot of visa enquiries.  Here is the situation for British passport holders, whether resident in the UK or not.  British passport holders do not at present need an advance visa for either Turkey, North Cyprus (TRNC) or South Cyprus (which is in Europe). 

You will usually receive an instant 30-day visitor/tourist visa either at Ercan Airport OR the border if you arrive via Larnaca in south Cyprus.

If you are coming via Turkey, if you disembark and enter Turkey you will need to purchase a visa for Turkey on arrival (currently requiring a £20 sterling note, this may change).

If you are coming via Turkey on a Pegasus flight which does not require disembarkation, or a flight where you disembark but merely change planes, you do not need a visa for Turkey either.

If you are resident in the UK but have any other passport other than British and are not sure if you need a visa, you can inquire at the visa office of the TRNC trade and tourism office 29, Bedford Square, London WC1B 3EG, by calling  +44 from outside UK – then (0)207-631-1920.

North Cyprus Visa Information for Non-UK Residents

If you are not resident in the UK and do not have a British passport, you should contact your nearer TRNC Office or Turkish Embassy via this link

You can also contact a good local travel agency or the airline you are planning to travel to Turkey with (airlines to south Cyprus will not help you).

It’s very easy to visit Northern Cyprus: easy and free to get a visa and easy to get a flight!  North Cyprus has an open-door policy to visitors from almost all the countries of the world, in keeping with the wonderfully welcoming personality of the Turkish Cypriot culture and the international atmosphere of the TRNC. 

All citizens of Britain, the rest of Europe, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland and USA do not require an advance visa to visit North Cyprus

Citizens from these countries can arrive at the border of North Cyprus, either from Ercan Airport via Turkey, Kyrenia (Girne) port by ship again via Turkey, or at the border with the South of Cyprus by car and gain an automatic 30-day visitor visa for a holiday or property viewing visit.

Salamis Ruins

The only exception to this general rule is that citizens of Armenia, Syria and Nigeria do need an advance visa and should consult either the TRNC Representative or the Turkish Embassy prior to departure. 

This flexible approach to entry visas makes it possible for citizens of many non-Schengen countries to both visit and buy property in North Cyprus, even if they are not able to easily visit the Republic of (South) Cyprus.

If you are travelling for a visit, holiday or property viewing trip to North Cyprus you will need to arrive either via Turkey (to Ercan Airport in North Cyprus) or via South Cyprus (via Larnaca Airport in the Republic of Cyprus, crossing the border easily to the TRNC).  So here are some useful FAQs about visas for accessing North Cyprus via the neighbouring countries as well as about residency of Northern Cyprus.

Do I pay for a North Cyprus Visa?

No, North Cyprus 30 day tourist/visitor visas are completely free of charge. 

Will I get my passport stamped in North Cyprus?

Generally, the immigration officials of Northern Cyprus do not stamp your passport as this may possibly interfere in the future with you receiving a visa for the south of Cyprus from the Cyprus Embassy in your country of origin. 

However, at Ercan Airport in North Cyprus, the immigration officer will often stamp passports unless you actively ask for the white paper visa instead.   You would be advised to ask for the white paper insert rather than having your passport stamped if you are intending to travel regularly to the south (Republic) of Cyprus.

Can the nationals of all countries enter North Cyprus via the Republic of Cyprus and Larnaca Airport?

Citizens of Europe as well as most former Commonwealth countries (except South Africa) and the USA can easily enter the Republic of Cyprus, which is part of the European Union, without an advance visa

Visitors can land at Larnaca Airport which has a huge range of international and low-cost flights from the UK, Europe, the Middle East and many other destinations.  In addition, travellers with an

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existing Schengen Visa for South Cyprus can land at Larnaca International Airport and then cross the border very easily to North Cyprus where they will obtain their automatic 30-day visa. 

However, if your passport is NOT one of those mentioned, or you do not have a Schengen Visa, you must either apply for an advance Schengen visa at the Republic of Cyprus Embassy in your country of origin OR enter via North Cyprus via Turkey. 

It is generally much easier to obtain an advance visa for Turkey than for the European south of Cyprus if your passport is non-Schengen and if you fall into this category, you may prefer to arrive via Turkey by either ship or by air to Ercan Airport.  

It is for this reason that many nationalities prefer to both take their holidays and buy property in the North rather than South Cyprus.  Please note it is the Turkish Embassies and the TRNC Trade and Tourism Offices which deal with visa issues for North Cyprus and not the Cyprus Embassies.

If I travel to North Cyprus via Turkey, do I need an advance visa for Turkey?

If you are flying to Northern Cyprus via Turkey where you transit in an airport such as Istanbul, but do not leave the airport, you do NOT need an advance visa for Turkey.  However, if you are going to exit an airport, change airports or stay the night in Turkey on the way, you will need a visa for Turkey.  Many nationalities can obtain a Turkey visa upon arrival, by paying a small fee.   These visas are generally easy to obtain.  Please check with your travel agent or your nearest Turkish Embassy for the exact details of your eligibility for an automatic visa upon arrival for Turkey as the rules vary for different nationalities.


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Does a 30-day visitor North Cyprus Visa enable me to work in the TRNC?

You will need a work visa to work in the North of Cyprus.  The right to work in North Cyprus is not automatically given to visitors.  This applies even to European Citizens, as North Cyprus does not come under the European Union rules at present. 

Neither the 30-day automatic visitor visa or a residency visa (or property ownership) entitle you to work or earn money in Northern Cyprus; however, it is possible to obtain a work visa.  If you are planning to get a job or set up a business in North Cyprus, you need a TRNC work visa and we suggest that you consult one of our NCI recommended lawyers, or another lawyer of your choice, for details of how to go about this.

I wish to buy a villa or apartment and relocate to North Cyprus – is it easy to apply for residency?

There are nationals from all over the world living in multi-cultural TRNC and it is extremely easy to apply for Residency once you have a contract of sale or title deed in North Cyprus.  If you are buying a home in the TRNC, just speak to your North Cyprus lawyer during the property purchase process about submitting your application for Residency.   

Please note, you do not need a Residency visa if you are only planning to spend up to 30 days at a time in your North Cyprus property

However, if you wish to spend many periods longer than 30 days, you can apply for residency of the TRNC.  You will need to prove that you have enough money in a local TRNC bank account to support yourself (and your family if relevant), and also have a simple blood test to eliminate the presence of any serious illnesses (the test is not required if you are over 60 years of age). 

The ease of application for residency is another reason why many international visitors choose the north part of Cyprus for their second home, or for relocation.  If you wish to relocate to North Cyprus do call our NCI advisors on +44 207 112 8086 or +90 548 861 0600 for information on our relocation and property finding services.  

Please note we can only advise on property and residency visas for those who already have a visitor visa.  We cannot help with visitor visa advice – please call a travel agency in your country of origin or in Kyrenia, the Turkish consulate, or the nearest TRNC Office.

Please click here to view our latest and more detailed article on applying for residency.

North Cyprus Visa Note —

Visa rules change at short notice.  We are estate agents, not travel agents or consulate.  If you are coming to North Cyprus specifically to BUY PROPERTY and wish visa advice, please email us – – with your visa enquiry along with the type of property you are seeking and proposed date of visit.


  1. Your local TRAVEL AGENT in your country of origin
  2. Your local NORTH CYPRUS Trade and Tourism Office in your country of origin (click HERE for the list – please note, they are not in every country).
  3. Your local TURKISH EMBASSY in your country of origin (click HERE for a list of Embassies)

North Cyprus Embassies List  Turkish Embassies

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