Escape Brexit news. Are you seeking a peaceful overseas Mediterranean investment or lifestyle property location which is:

* Unaffected by the consequences of the UK Brexit results or Brexit News?   

* Unaffected by sterling currency fluctuations post-Brexit EU Referendum?  

Welcome to North Cyprus

A non-Eurozone, former British Colony with English as an official language with all property priced in pounds sterling.  Where the value of sterling property investment is rising, rather than falling. Where being granted a mortgage or property loan is unaffected by EU banking worries. Where, whether your Brexit vote was with the 52% to leave or the 48% to remain, you can escape from post-EU Referendum panic in safety and peace.

Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in North Cyprus Property   & Escape Brexit news – post-Brexit vote:

    1. North Cyprus is a non-Eurozone property location, with all property priced in pounds sterling. So there is no need to worry about currency fluctuation or exchange rates, post-Brexit.  This gives North Cyprus an even sharper edge over the European South of Cyprus, Eurozone area, where those purchasing in pounds sterling are finding the property more expensive when they have to change their funds into euros.  It is easy to open a sterling bank account in North Cyprus during your property viewing visit, and sterling deposits are rewarded with good interest rates of around 4%.  Keep control over your finances.
    2. North Cyprus Property prices are low cost, yet rising. Over the last few weeks, most North Cyprus Estate agents and developers have noticed a huge increase in the level of property enquiries for villas and also North Cyprus Kyrenia city apartments.  The Kyrenia area, in particular, is experiencing a boom, the like of which has not been seen since before 2008.  This has been partly fuelled by investors turning away from Turkey and the Middle East and towards North Cyprus – as Cyprus, in general,  is seen as a safe haven.  This North Cyprus property boom is in sharp contrast now to the reluctance of buyers to invest in the crumbling Eurozone. Apartments start at only £19,950 and villas from only £67,500.  Keep control over your property investments!
    3. North Cyprus Offers a European Lifestyle in a Multi-ethnic, Non-EU country. Whether you are a Brexit or Remain Supporter, you will be in good company.  Ex-pats who prefer a non-Eurozone, yet multi-ethnic environment have quietly been voting with their feet for years and moving to North Cyprus, living very happily outside EU control. If you are a Remainer and in despair, you are equally welcome  – come to the Med and escape the post-Brexit vote chaos in the UK. Offering a unique combination of traditional charm and modern comforts, North Cyprus benefits from world-class Universities and Healthcare.  Experience non-EU lifestyle without waiting for article 50.  Keep control of your lifestyle!
    4. North Cyprus will not experience overseas Mortgage Restrictions Post-Brexit vote. With confusion in the global markets after the UK EU Referendum, bank mortgages for EU property markets like Spain, Italy or France may become harder for overseas property seekers to obtain. Whereas the whole North Cyprus property market has long been set up outside the EU banking system, offering buyers from all countries a non-status  “in-house developer loans” over up to 12 years as well as some new North Cyprus bank mortgages up to 15 years.  You can easily reserve a North Cyprus villa or apartment with as little as £10,000 and pay over up to 12 years with developer loans. Visas for visit and residency are easy to obtain.

North Cyprus International (NCI) is a leading TRNC estate agency, specialising in the arrangement of payment plans and mortgages for overseas property investors from the UK and globally.  Contact us now on +44 207 112 8086 or +90 548 861 0600 and join all those discerning investors who are voting with their feet by investing in this multi-ethnic European-style country free of EU regulation or EU visa or Schengen zone restrictions. 

Vote for North Cyprus and take back control – of your finances, lifestyle and property investments.